This article finally puts Blue Carbon in the media limelight. It nicely sums up the work we are doing with mangrove habitats in Madagascar.

Blue Ventures have been working on their own Blue Carbon project since 2009, so the project is effectively a pioneer in this field – and I’m lucky enough to now be a part of it! Certainly not a bad way to learn the tricks of the environmental trade  😀

Mangroves: what it all boils down to…

Their ability to capture carbon may be on average five times that of tropical rainforests

FIVE TIMES! Amazon, eat your heart out!

Approaching the mangroves (with Zo in the distance). Mangroves are havens for dangerous wildlife: mosquitos, monster wasp nests, snakes, eels and even crocs. No crocs in this area (supposedly) otherwise I wouldn’t be going kayaking!

Kayaking through the mangroves at Honko (having just carried two kayaks half a km each – I think my arms are bigger than my waist now!). Please excuse the socks. £1 from Poundland. Designer pair right