November (already!) update

Evening all (depending on where you are reading from)

All is well here in Madagascar, it has been an eventful few weeks to say the least but pleased to report I am still having the time of my life! The wet season seems to be nearly upon us as I can see menacing storm clouds lurking over the horizon. Fittingly our Halloween party last night went on to the backdrop of rumbling thunder, and we awoke to sharp morning downpours – our first drops of rain in well over a month.

Work is keeping me horrendously busy but I’m still very much enjoying it (as the following blog link will show), and I am far, far from complaining. I spend next week on a mangrove field mission, it’ll be good to see whether I’m really cut out for this as I’m sure the forests will put me through my paces! All stocked up on mosquito repellent but yet to find crocodile repellent….

I am also pleased to say that all of this blog practicing has helped me write an article for the Blue Ventures website, which you can see here:

Thanks to all who helped to polish up my blog-writing these past few months (it is still by no means perfect), I hope you enjoy the read. It might also help to clarify what exactly it is that I’m doing out here!

From a safe, healthy and very happy SamSam (as I’m known here!)

PS we have it on good authority there are no crocs in the south of Madagascar! But I will leave you with a couple of pics of our new pet puppies, Scooby and Scrappy. Original, huh!